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Mr Dons Potato Bot links together Twitch Channel Point redemptions with OBS!

A simple to use interface enables you to easily create events and link them to specific channel point redemptions. It also allows for linking events to follows, subs, hosts, raids and bits. All with a built in queueing system so you never have to worry about missing redeems again. The bot is able to change scenes, set visibility of sources, enable or disable filters and add pauses in-between. Allowing you to easily create complex chains of events that your viewers can then trigger with their Channel Points. v2.0 is now available with Channel Points TTS!

v3.0 is now available with youtube streaming support! This works much the same as before, but with chat commands in place of channel points redemptions, the bot will respond to commands issued by your youtube livestream chat

A video demo with some examples of how to use the app is below

If you would like to try out the bot simply join this discord https://discord.gg/X722BRP and head over to the potato-support channel.